What credit bureau do you report to?

We are able to report your rent payments to TransUnion. In the future we will submit your rental payments to the other credit bureaus at no extra charge to you.

What if I’m late with rent?

Rent payments are only considered late on your credit report if rent is over 30 days late. As long as you pay rent within 30 days of due your rent is considered on time on your credit report.

How long does it take for my rent to show up on my credit report?

We submit rent data to TransUnion twice a week. We strive to be as fast as possible and most renters’ rental payments are reported to their credit report in under 21days. In certain cases it can take over 30 days for rent payments to appear on your credit report. The timeline for when your rent payments appear on your report is decided by the credit bureaus.

How will rent appear on my credit report?

Rent will be counted as a open trade line on your credit report.

Does my landlord need to participate?

Yes your landlord or property manager must verify your rent payments each month. It’s free and easy for your landlord or property manager to verify your rental payments.

How do I verify my rent?

We verify your rent payments with your landlord or property manager each month via email.

Aren’t rent payments already on my credit report?

No. This is a common misunderstanding. In the past only late rent payments, usually from eviction or a lease skip-out, have been reported on credit reports.

What if I split rent?

It’s totally fine if you split rent. Just report the amount you individually pay.

What if I have a spouse?

We have a spouse option during the registration process. You can easily add your spouse to your account.

Where do I pay my rent?

You pay your rent in the same manner you currently do.

What if I sublease?

That’s fine as long as the owner or property manager of your apartment building verifies your rent payments.

Why can’t I report rent to the credit bureaus myself?

A renter cannot self report his or her rent payment history. A neutral, third party verification service is required to submit rent payments to the credit bureaus.

Is there a verification fee?

Absolutely free for a full year