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Make the one time payment of $49.95 for set-up and processing and agree to the monthly or annual fee of your
choice and you are set!

Rent into Credit will report your rental history and monthly on-time rental payments to Transunion
resulting in a good credit account.

Improve Your Credit Today

Rent into Credit gives you an easy and economical way to improve your credit score by reporting your rent payments as a credit account to your Transunion Credit Bureau Report. Let us handle the details while you relax and let your rental history work for you

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What You Do

Sign-up using our easy online form, make the initial payment
and agree to our Terms.

What We Do

Rent into Credit will verify your rental payments each month, and rental history, and report them to Transunion resulting in a positive credit account.

What You Get

You get a positive credit account on your Transunion credit report that will help to increase your credit score.


I cannot believe how easy it was
to improve my credit through
Rent into Credit!

With the boost to my credit I was
able to qualify for a credit card and
a new car loan!

I did not have any credit and this
service has helped me start building
great credit, thank you!